Pax 09 floor report: Melech's Friday halfway report

Friday, September 4, 2009
Here we are, sitting in the hand-held lounge. I thought I'd take a moment to type up a few things we've seen today. To get the updates as they come, check out our twitter feed. I've posted a few things already. Here are a few thoughts of our time so far.

WET will not have any DLC, nor future support for leaderboards. Seems a waste.

God of War III plays just as I remember the God of War games. It's still a sadistic bloodbath. Still has that same flair. The game is looking smooth and incredibly polished. We'll have video up later.

ODST still looks entertaining, haven't gotten a chance to play firefight yet but we will.

Brink was a hell of a surprise. I'm amazed at how polished and smooth the game plays. I like the twist on FPS and MMO play.

Splinter Cell is still Splinter Cell. They've mixed the stealth more realistically with the action. It is a little more fast paced. I'm still worried it will be too easy to run and gun.

Ron Gilbert's Keynote was good. If you catch a video for it, the best stuff is towards the end.

More later tonight folks. We'll have a more formal recap of the day up by tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading!