What I'm Playing: December 2017

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Our recent move did a number on my usual pattern for playing games, ultimately a good thing, but I still feel like I'm searching for some clue for when my play habits changed so much. At any rate, its been a great opportunity for me to get caught up on some of the games I started but never finished as well as try out a few games I had often said I would try.

Dragon Age Inquisition: I mentioned Inquisition at length in my last post, but it bears mentioning again. The Dragon Age series has been one of my favorite franchises from Bioware since the the Awakening expansion for Dragon Age: Origins. I've finished the Deep Roads DLC and have moved on to the Jaws of Hakkon. With the schematics I picked up playing the Deep Roads though, I think I may have seriously overpowered myself for Jaws of Hakkon. The enemies just don't seem to be able to hold up for very long in combat. My only hope is that the bosses provide a decent challenge

Destiny 2: I'm still playing the vanilla Destiny 2. We haven't picked up Curse of Osiris as of yet, though it is on our list. For now, I'm shoring up my other characters. I have my hunter almost maxed out, but my titan and warlock have fallen woefully behind. Despite the issues with Bungie's recent XP debacle, I still find plenty to enjoy about Destiny 2. The rewards keep me engaged and there is enough challenge to keep me from growing too bored with the content that's available to me. The strikes, weekly challenges and the grind of my two other characters is plenty to keep me busy unti I can get my hands on the Curse of Osiris.

Elite Dangerous: Now that I'm back online, I can finally get back to the space game that captured my attention so well. I've been out of the game long enough that I forgot exactly where I was and what I was planning to do next, but my current goal is to prep myself for a long journey of discovery and hopefully very little death. I've heard a lot from other players about the threat that the Thargoids pose but I have yet to really run into them, which really is totally fine with me. I have enough problems without worrying about a mysteriously malevolent alien race dropping my SRV off a cliff or something.

To be perfectly honest, most of my time has been taken up with school and things related to our move, so in all that time I've had a pretty limited window of opportunity to play. When I have been able to set aside some time, I'm usually so eager to fins out what happens next in Inquisition that I end up spending the lion's share of that time playing it instead of either of the others. I plan to start playing a little more Elite Dangerous soon, but the thought of that much open space in the game creeps me out. I'm 80% certain that I will die horribly out there. As for Destiny 2, well it's great for a bit of stress relief but until I get the Curse of Osiris, I'm afraid I can't really make much progress beyond building up my other two characters. Despite my rather stagnant progress though, still find plenty to marvel at each time I play.