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Somnambulant Gamer Takes a Holiday

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
Hello, dear readers. Somnambulant Gamer will be taking a brief break. We aren't gone, we're just away on holiday. Our regular posting schedule will resume at the beginning of May. Thanks for reading. We will see you soon!

3ppT Recap: 4/2/15... or "3ppT's 1st TPK"

Thursday, April 9, 2015

So, we actually had a big night! In addition to our four returning players, we had two new players join the table and a couple voyeurs interested in playing but without the time to join that particular session. We may be opening up a second table soon!

To the event itself-

Rayman Legends Is Finally Mine

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rayman Legends
has been right at the top of my must own list for a while. It's one of the flagship games built with the Ubiart framework, the engine that has brought us games like Child of Light and Valiant Hearts. Less heart-wrenching history or poetic fairy-tale, Rayman Legends is a thing of pure joy. It's not enough to say that I enjoy playing this game, I'm enthralled by its charm, humor and design. 

Raising Children With Games

Thursday, April 2, 2015
The Maw was one of the first games they played. An old picture, but I think it illustrates good game manners well.

Ours has always been a house of gamers. My wife and I both play games and have since before we started dating. We courted over Halo and have used Borderlands to keep in touch with some of our friends who have moved away. Our kids have been interested in games for a long time and in recent years have started playing games on the console and PC. A while back, my brother asked me what our policy was for regulating our children's time with games and I found it difficult to answer. Since then I've received a few requests for an article on the same topic. I've taken some time to look at our rules for games and hope that what I present below will be useful.

Paperbound Review

Tuesday, March 31, 2015
My standard of measurement for multiplayer brawlers is Super Smash Bros. Melee. Almost every brawler I've played since has fallen short of the joyous chaos of of my time with that incredible game. Almost no match played out the same way, and no matter how much time you put into it there was some new trick or nuance to learn. Even the more recent Smash Bros. games have fallen short of this gold standard. In some 14 years the only game that has met the bar is Paperbound.

3ppT: 3/26 Recap

Friday, March 27, 2015
So, last night we started our new adventure, "The Midnight Mirror" by Sam Zeitlin. The party consists of:

  • Avarlene Tertheniel - the elven Battlelord made a recurring appearance for "The Midnight Mirror", bringing skilled coordination and deadly archery back to the table.
  • Thurlavald Turnipnose - this gnome Metamorph was so cool, I couldn't let him wither unplayed, so he was recovered from the "Twin Crossings" reject pile and given a second chance.
  • Morek Twiceborn - this forgeborn Tactician from Dreamscarred Press' "Ultimate Psionics" was both the party's communications hub thanks to his Collective Telepathy, and their thug, dropping the big hits with amazing accuracy thanks to his Roshan's inevitable strike power. I learned two things from Morek: Tacticians rock, and forgeborn are not the best race for the class. I brought it together, but it's a good thing Morek doesn't need to worry about the later game and leveling up, because there's all of like two Strategies that don't rely on Charisma.
  • Watler - this ratfolk Momenta was a last minute add to the line-up; there was supposed to be a fetchling synergist, but while I was working on Watler for another project, I realized he really needed to be part of this group.

3ppT: 3/19 Recap

Thursday, March 26, 2015
I have to start by apologizing; unfortunately between job hunting, wedding planning, and various other mandatory activities, I didn't get last week's articles up in a timely manner, so now you're getting last week's recap and this week's recap, one right after the other.

Last week we ended up finishing the Twin Crossings adventure, with our original cast of characters returning (though the role of Avarlene was played by a new player, as the previous was unable to make it in). For reference, that's Avarlene the Battlelord, Gruff the Shadow Assassin, and Morgan the Magi.