Destiny 2: Steve's Review Part 2, The Grind

Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Unlike some players, it takes me some time to work through most of the content available in a game like Destiny 2. I try to take things at a slower pace so that I can really get the most mileage out of the game and my time in it. When I finished Destiny, I was disappointed that there wasn't more of just about every part of the game. I still have some of the same pains with the sequel, but the fact is that there is a great deal more to do and keep my interest in Destiny 2.

Call of Duty WWII PC Beta Impressions

Thursday, September 28, 2017

I took some time to hop into a few matches of the open PC Beta for the latest Call of Duty title. Promising to go back to World War II, there was a strange optimism from some writers in the industry that I just didn't understand. The idea that we somehow need to re-explore this very well trodden area of World War II is preposterous given the actual scope of the war and how much of its numerous stories have yet to be told through the medium of games. But I digress. I'm here to talk about the multiplayer experience on PC, and I can sum it up in three words: do not bother.

Runic's Hob is a Beautiful Puzzle

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I was first acquainted with Hob at PAX 2015 when we sat down with Marshall Lefler. Since then we've had a couple other opportunities to play the game as it progressed, with our last opportunity just a few weeks ago at Runic's studio in Seattle. From the first minute we got our hands on the game, we have been enchanted by the game's visual style and mysterious, open world. If you are a fan of Ico or The Legend of Zelda, you'll find plenty to love about Hob.

Destiny 2: Steve's Review Part 1; the Story

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
I had a real roller coaster journey with Destiny. The initial game let me down, as did the first DLC installment for it, but I found myself more engaged with House of Wolves and The Taken King, then a little let down again a  with Rise of Iron. I ended my time in Destiny on a good note though, having found that I enjoyed it most when i could play with friends. Those friends are now (mostly) my new clan mates in Destiny 2 and while a lot has changed, and I've been having a lot of fun with the new activities, even though there are a few issues I still have with the game.

PAX West 2017: Hands on With Far Cry 5

Thursday, September 7, 2017

I'm a huge fan of the Far Cry series, at least as far back as Far Cry 2. The way the series has approached shooter mechanics in an open (or mostly open) world environment has been a landmark for other shooters still struggling to find their way off their rails. Few other games have, in my opinion, so thoroughly balanced world scale with regular bumps in player engagement. When I saw that Far Cry 5 was playable at PAX this year, I was eager to get a chance to play.

Steve's PAX West 2017 Roundup

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

This year's PAX West brought a ton of really interesting games to the show floor. We played a whole mess of 'em in our four days and came away with a lengthy wishlist of upcoming titles. From board games to Indie games, we covered as much of it as we could. Expect in depth coverage on a number of games, but for now please accept this quick run-down of some of my favorites of the show.

Nintendo Switch: The Good, the Bad, and the Curious

Thursday, August 17, 2017

As opening statement, I feel the need to say, I was not excited about the Switch. I know, weird, but my initial impressions didn't leave me with a lot of hope. The internal hardware is mediocre, the casing and screen are made out of styrofoam (not really, but it is super fragile), and there were less than a handful of games at launch, only one of which was a fully developed modern game and another of which was a gimmicky advertisement platform that should have been sold with the unit, not separately for $50.

Other things bugged me as well; like the fact that Nintendo was arbitrarily gating titles between the Switch and 3DS when there was no real reason to separate many of the games out like that. Most, if not the majority of games currently available on the Switch wouldn't even begin to test the limits of the 3DS, and most 3DS titles are on par with the majority of the titles available on the Switch. A lot of the reviews and information on the Switch led me to believe it was going to be like a lot of the stuff we've seen from Nintendo in recent years- an incremental improvement to their existing hardware repackaged and locked with proprietary software that will arbitrarily gate functionality so they can keep selling you the same thing you've already bought at full price. Now that all that is out of the way....