Go Support Girls Make Games, Right Now

Thursday, July 2, 2015

While browsing the Humble Bundle site today, I came across the latest Weekly Bundle. Titled the Leading Ladies 2 Bundle, it features up to seven games with female protagonists. Among the collection is the unbelievably excellent Sunset, a story driven game that defies classification and Lumino City, a puzzley adventure game in a gorgeous hand-crafted world.

Proceeds of this bundle go to Girls Make Games, a series of summer camps and game jams for young girls that want to, well, make games. Current statistics list 47% of gamers as female, but women only make up 12% of people working in the industry. There are currently fewer women working in development positions now than in the eighties. That's a pretty sad fact.

Do what you can to support this bundle. If you're not interested in the games, consider gifting them to someone who is. $12 will get you all seven games. You can customize how your money is distributed between developers, Girls Make Games and a tip for Humble Bundle. The bundle is available through July 8th.

That's it. Get over to Humble Bundle or donate directly to Girls Make Games.

Women's Soccer in FIFA 16: It's About Time

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My family has been following the Women's World Cup very closely. We're all huge fans of the US national team and have whooped and shouted ourselves hoarse watching their recent games. Seeing the size of the crowds at these games, it's no wonder that EA Sports has finally announced that women's teams will be included in FIFA 16, due out in September. 

Tales From The Borderlands: Catch a Ride

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I am so thankful for Telltale Game's Tales From the Borderlands series. With the dark tones of The Walking Dead Season 2, Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones, I was in desperate need of something lighter. The three episodes available now are some of the wittiest material Telltale has written in recent years. Main characters Rhys and Fiona show more depth with each episode.

Spoilers are nearly unavoidable at this point. We've been struggling with how we write our Telltale articles for a while now. I've done my best to conceal major plot points, but there are some details covered in this article you may want to avoid if you want a pristine experience.

Weighing in on Fallout 4

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I didn't mention Fallout 4 in my wrap-up of E3 because I wanted to save it for its own piece. Bethesda let loose a ton of info and a significant amount of gameplay. It's a lot to sift through. I think Bethesda did the right thing by waiting until they had something substantial to show. By the end of E3, Fallout 4 had more meat on its bones than any other two games combined. It was nice, for once, to have something more than a teaser or a brief demo to go by. Thanks, Bethesda.

The E3 Games You Should Have Seen (But Likely Didn't)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

E3 wraps up today and there has been no shortage of info on the games featured at the show. Every year though, it's the AAA titles that take center stage while many interesting indie games that work very hard to get to E3 end up taking second billing. We weren't at E3 ourselves, but we've been scouring our contacts and the live coverage from E3 to find some of these hidden gems.

E3 2015 Sentiments

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

E3 has rubbed me the wrong way for a while. I don't know if my perception of the event has changed over the years or if E3 itself has warped into the hype-fest it is today. It is now a place where Microsoft, Sony and, -to a lesser extent these days- Nintendo square off to "win" the expo. What I remember as a showcase of the latest and greatest games seems now to no more than a large corporate pissing match. If recent years have been any indication, the previews we see there should be taken with more than a grain of salt.

3ppT: 5/21 Recap

Thursday, June 11, 2015

This week we tackled the adventure "Dance Macabre" from Four Dollar Dungeons. Our party roster for the adventure was:

Mirrabillis, a halfling nightblade. The nightblade class is the featured in Ascension Games' "Path of Shadows", and is a roguish class that utilizes shadowy magic.

Makao, a half-orc lunar guardian druid. The lunar guardian archetype is also featured in "Path of Shadows".

Theravald, a human daevic. The daevic is the newest pending release in Dreamscarred Press' "Akashic Mysteries" series.

And that was it. Convention season is in full swing, so attendance is riding a bit low right now.