We (Mostly) Built a Tiny Retro Gaming Console!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

As an anniversary present to one another, Wesley and I bought a Raspberry Pi 2. We werent' sure what we wanted to do with it at first, not surprising given the ridiculous versatility of the little board. People have used the Pi 2 to control their stereos, made smart beer fridges out of it, even made functioning phones from them. While all of those projects sound awesome, they were also a touch daunting. What did we settle on instead? What else, but a retro gaming machine.

Playing The Witness is Like Walking Through a Dream

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wesley surprised me today with a copy of Johnathan Blow's The Witness for the PS4. I'd heard a little about it about the internets. The only description I read mentioned exploring an island, which is apt but about as vague as possible. I'm perplexed by The Witness. I expected something like Dear Esther, but so far it is more like a mix of Myst and The Room. Some dismiss the puzzles in the game to be mere mazes, but I'd argue such a description is far too narrow.

Prelude To A New PC

Thursday, January 28, 2016
I've been out of the PC gaming ring for too long. In the eight+ years that I've been writing for Somnambulant Gamer I've played most of my games on consoles. Sure, a number of the indie games I've played have been on the PC, most of the AAA titles I've played have been experienced solely on consoles. My gaming roots are with the PC and I'm finally taking steps to go back to them. I'm not buying any pre-built tower, laptop or Steam machine. It's time I built my own.

REDUX: Favorite Gaming Memories

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Every platform has it's achievements these days. It seems almost every game is eager to award you meaningless points for accomplishing things large and small. Before this trend however, everyone measured their achievements in a more personal way. Those of us who grew up before the official "achievement" have our own favorite moments. These are a few of mine.

Humble Bundle's Winter Sale Wants Your Monies for Good Causes

Thursday, January 21, 2016
Image Source: humblebundle.com

Humble Bundle is wrapping up the first week of its annual winter sale today. There are a ton of tempting offers to lure your wallet from your pockets, but there's no need to feel guilty or trepidatious of indulging a bit. Ten percent of the sale's proceeds are going to charity and they've already raised over $3.8 million for Child's Play and numerous other charities. If there is something you've procrastinated getting or if you're looking for something new to play, peruse the ever expanding catalog of games on the Humble store.

Hooked on Minecraft Five Years too Late

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I never considered myself to be a Minecraft player. My daughters play quite a bit and as much as I enjoy playing with them, Minecraft has never really captured my attention. Last week though, my youngest kiddo got Wesley playing for a while. Before I knew it, Wesley had started a new survival game of her own. She set up a little homestead near a cave, setting her pagoda-esque house high on a hill. She invited me to play with her for a bit and I agreed, albeit somewhat reluctantly. Since that day last week, there hasn't been a day that she and I haven't played Mincraft. I'm hooked.

DCS World Taught me to Crash

Thursday, January 14, 2016
Okay, where do I put the key?

Flight sims are my jam. The last time I played a truly detailed flight sim was probably more than 8 years ago. I've limited my flight games to more arcade style combat games like War Thunder and World of Warplanes. I've looked at Digital Combat Simulator on and off over the past six months, marveling at the level of detail and the high fidelity models of the planes. Thinking I could handle the challenge, I downloaded DCS last night. What followed would make any flight instructor weep.