Where Have We Been?!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Hello everyone. It's been a little while since we've had regular content up on the site. It's been a busy and eventful few months for us over here. We appreciate your patience with us and want you to know that we are working to make more regular posts again. For now, I'd like to fill you in on what's been happening while we've been away.

First off, I am nearing completion of my degree in Game Design. I will be graduating late this year and from there we'll see what happens. I don't imaging that this site will go away, but our role in the industry is already changing somewhat. We are gradually shifting away from working strictly as journalists and bloggers and moving more towards development of our own games.

Morgan has been busy as well. As you know, we all have our own jobs outside of Somnambulant Gamer. Morgan has been very busy with her work, which has been taking her all over the globe recently. While the travel has been exciting and the work rewarding, her schedule doesn't allow her to post as regularly as she would like.

Our office has also moved to a new location with better affordances for the work Wesley and I hope to be able to talk more about soon. The move is exciting, but also quite time consuming. As things settle down more, our schedules should allow for more regular updates.

Finally, a huge congratulations goes to Michael (SSalarn). Michael has recently accepted a position at Paizo as part of the organized play development team for Pathfinder and Starfinder. His experience with third party design work really paid off for him and I think that he's an excellent addition to the Paizo team. I'm sure they know it already, but they are lucky to have him.

That is the briefest rundown of the latest events here at Somnam. Thank you all again for your patience and please keep checking back for new content and other updates.