The Road to PAX, Part 2: Scheduling

Monday, August 31, 2009
Doesn't that word get your blood pumping? SCHEDULING! Exciting stuff. Taking a day planner and carefully filling in the empty slots until you've maximized your task completion to day ratio. Hell yeah.

In all honesty, I've never had so much fun scheduling a trip as I have with this years PAX. The number of things to do and people to see far outweighs the number of hours available in a standard Earth day. I would like nothing more than to be able to see everything on offer but I cannot feasibly cover more than a quarter of it by myself. That's why the first order of business was securing a press pass for Line.

Line wrote a couple of articles on top of her normal duties of making the site look pretty and keeping our contacts in order. We sent off the links to those along with a few other things to the appropriate contacts and surprisingly received a confirmation within 2 hours of it's submission. You should have seen the look on Lines face when I told her the news. Like a kid who's won their first deathmatch.

After the required squeeing period ended, Line and I set about planning our itinerary. Luckily, most of the developers e-mailed us. We were sure to take full advantage of their generosity.

We've lined up some great playtime and a couple other things I'm sure you'll be interested in. We've got sit down time with ODST's Firefight, hands on with Beatles Rock Band, a few matches of Modern Warfare 2, even some time with Star Trek Online. We'll be putting up daily posts from the convention and daily recaps every evening. Keep your RSS feeds turned here my children.

We're leaving Thursday afternoon and meeting Earthborn in Seattle later than evening. We'll probably be posting from the road (where we can) if you're interested in our weary travel ramblings. Line and I plan on taking tons of pictures, so we'll be sure to put them up on the site. Keep an eye on our twitter feed if you don't already as I'm sure there will be times we can't quite get the laptop out fast enough to capture the moment.

Until then somnambulant ones. Maybe we'll even see you there.