PAX 09: Friday Recap

Saturday, September 5, 2009
Okay folks, here are a few tidbits for you to enjoy. First up, our footage of me playing God of War III. It doesn't show the 192 hit streak I got but it does showcase the Cyclops controls and the somehow still surprising brutality of the game. Enjoy.

It's the same bit of the game from E3 but all the same, we got this for you and you'll like it dammit!

Next up, a few thoughts on the keynote.

As many of you know, Ron Gilbert was this years speaker. His keynote began as many others have, a biographical walk through the early years of Video Games. The anecdotes were entertaining and his asides were funny, but it was his closing statements that really hit home for me.

A brief discourse on games as art and more specifically a talk about the importance of video games to the world in general. The things he said echoed many of the things we've tried to get across here. It was nice to hear someone out there shares those same views.

We can't put up the whole video here but here's a link to the speech.

In other news, I got a chance to sit down with Heavy Rain for a little while. I played a scene as a private detective searching for clues to the identity of the Origami Killer. I was tasked with trying to get information out of the father of one of the victims. The dialogue options floated around my head like stars in a Looney Tunes short. I thought I knew how the guy would react, but he blew me off and angrily told me to leve the store.

I decided to pick up an Asthma inhaler (this character apparently has Asthma). Grabbing it off the shelf, I heard a man enter and demand the money from the register. The screen split to show me the medicine rack I was standing at, both security cameras and a shot of the hold up in progress.

When I approached, the guy spotted me. Pointing the gun at me, I put up my hands with L1 and R1. Again, the dialogue options floated around my head though this time they spun and shook wildly, often blurring and blinking out. This of course reflects the character's emotional state and in turn effected my mood while playing.

I tried to talk him down and almost got him to walk out but in the end I had to wrestle the gun away from him and knock him out. At least I tried. (I'll see if I can get some video for tomorrow)

There's more out there for tomorrow. Stay tuned.