Nostalgia is all the rage.

Monday, September 22, 2008
Most people not living in a hermitage have heard about Mega Man 9 by now. We can also assume that you've heard about the stylistic choices the developers made. Those unfamiliar with any content in the previous two sentences, clarification lies below.

Mega Man 9 will be released not as a tricked out 3d platformer but in all it's nostalgic, 8-bit glory. For most older gamers (like myself) this means fits of glee and a change of pants, but for some of the newer crowd, it's an alienating experience. Having never experienced the early console games and indeed the classic early Mega Man games, the younger crop can't all be expected to welcome MM9 with open arms.

For some though, it's a chance to connect with and older brother or sister, mother or father. This graying gamer suggests that you give it a look. If you own a Wii or PS3 expect to give your processors a break on September 25th. Those with a 360 can get their fix on October 1st. Included below are some screenshots from the new release. More on this tomorrow.