Keep it Clean... again.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Remember E3? You know, terrifying Nintendo execs, Little Big Planet financial reports, that E3. Remember the almost announcement from Bungie? That's right, the on that got pulled by Microsoft execs hours before the splash image countdown reached zero. Well, as of early this morning, it's back. Theories abound about when and where the announcement will be made, many revolving around the Tokyo Game Show.

Personally, I wouldn't expect the announcement to take that long. The Tokyo Game Show is more than two weeks away, and I don't think Bungie would risk a slavering mob of hungry fans by teasing them a second time with so long a wait. I'd expect the announcement to drop in the next week, possibly the next couple days.

Beyond that, all we know thus far is that it is definitely Halo related. Have a look if you think you can piece it all together.