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Friday, August 23, 2013
You shouldn't pre-order Alien: Isolation,

I just love hearing about these ancient gaming archaeological finds. It is interesting to muse about how these games where played, the rules, stakes, and how they might have been viewed by their cultures as a whole.

I am also going to throw this out there, will someone pretty pretty please make a modern game with the pictured tokens? That would make my year.


Instructables.com is one of my long-time favorite websites. As a confessed DIY addict and nerd, I love seeing the cosplay How-Tos that pop up from time to time. The creativity of the makers behind these costumes always fascinates me and getting to see the step-by-step process is a treat.

I really like how the maker(s) achieved the craggy texture of the iconic Marvel comic's 'Thing'. The character is certainly not among the easiest to cosplay, so I applaud the maker(s) being able to take on the task with such a fine result.


Yann Seznec, of the indie studio Lucky Frame, revealed in a blog post on Gamasutra that Lucky's most recent release has so far sold less than 2,000 copies but has been pirated over 50,000 times.

Given the tragedy of this, Seznec was remarkably fair and understanding of the unique circumstances that surround Gentlemen!'s piracy popularity. Demonstrating remarkable self control, Seznec points no angry fingers, but instead offers an analytic "post-mortem" of what may have lead to the dismal legitimate sales of their most "successful" game.


Coup: An Amazing Bluffing Game From Indie Boards And Cards,
via Wil Wheaton dot Net

Wil Wheaton's post got me very excited for the newest installment of the Resistance Series, by Indie Boards and Cards.  I have played the original Resistance at our regular game night, and I have to say that it is an absolute blast. It's a game that is very simple to learn and quickly becomes addictive as you try to either ferret out the spy in your midst or conceal your subversive identity.