Different Virtual Views

Monday, October 17, 2016

During PAX West we had the opportunity to try out quite a few different VR units, and surprisingly when all was said and done, Ssalarn and I ended up going the console route for VR.  When it was released, we picked up a copy of the PS VR along with a couple of little goody games (samplers) to go with it. 

The reason we decided to go with the PS VR is that it has such a comparatively low entry point if your gaming PCs may be a touch out of date.  The unit itself may be a little heavy, but the fit is comfortable and adjustable for those with smaller craniums as well as larger (fits us both) even with glasses in the mix.  Overall the resolution on it is wonderful although does on occasion fall victim to the screen door effect.  It does also for you to pick your own headset and if you want to use the PS controller or move controller for an immersive experience. 

PS VR bases its positioning and tracking with a PS camera which also provides a microphone for use in game. I'm unfortunately extremely subject to motion sickness so I can't play on any VR unit with in game movement for longer than 15 minutes at a stretch comfortably, which limits further what is personably playable for me for this particular medium.

VR is indeed the new medium from TV, but it's still in its earliest stages since the Virtual Boy in development.  For the moment, it still requires the right type of game to play that doesn't involve quick turns and movement, but can still be engaging to play.  I will say this though, watching Hulu shows with the PS VR is definitely a fun experience in the meantime.  It allows you to change viewing locals, conditions, etc, and even throw cups and popcorn around the room! 

After observing PAX previews, I'm looking very forward to Star Trek Bridge Crew for the VR *crossing fingers*.