Check out the Vigilantes of Skyborne Playtest!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Right up front, I want to say that this is a post about one of our contributor's projects. Michael Sayre has been a close friend of mine for a while and a contributing writer for Somnambulant Gamer for almost as long. A few years ago, he started working on third party modules for Pathfinder and has carved out a comfortable place for himself within the community. His work has been very well received and he has continued to lend his talents to more and more projects. His latest contributions come in the form of The Vigilantes of Skybourne from Drop Dead Studios. It is currently in open playtest here and if you're at all interested in playing iconic super hero type characters, you should really check it out.

The Vigilante was introduced in Ultimate Intrigue, really the most interesting of the classes in the book. A number of players felt that the class was too specialized for a particular kind of campaign and wasn't able to really stand out on its own. With the Vigilantes of Skyborne, the idea is to create archetypes that bolster the class in different ways that create the look and feel of iconic heroes like Captain America or Green Arrow.

In addition to the archetypes, there are several racial archetypes for some of the races of the Skybourne setting. To quote the Player's Guide, "Skybourne is a fantasy setting that invokes the spirit of space opera, pulling as much from Star Wars, Firefly and Cowboy Bebop as it does from classic epic fantasies and sword and sorcery adventures."

You don't need the Skybourne source books to participate in the playtest, but it does help to have access to the material. This is a great opportunity to help shape what these archetypes will look like. My own biases aside, I think that the work in this module is really fun and innovative. Check out the playtest here.