Don't Let Your Baby Die in Who's your Daddy

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Who's Your Daddy has been taking the internet by storm. Currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight, Who's Your Daddy is, at its core a 1v1 asymmetrical multiplayer game. One player play the role of a destructive infant that wants nothing more than to drink bleach, eat batteries and stick forks in light sockets. The other player acts as the father to this little monster and must prevent the child from injuring itself. It sounds sadistic and it is, but in the most hilarious way possible

If you  go to the Steam Greenlight page you'll find a link to the current, very rough version of the game. Right now it's more a proof of concept than anything else missing animations, textures and inaccessible areas abound. Nonetheless, you'll be able to play with random people across the internet, assuming that they don't immediately leave the game. The matchmaking system is very rudimentary at the moment, so there is no way to secure a game with a password or create a private lobby at all. It's a free for all in there, no matter how many times you name your game "don't join."

That's the most frustrating part of the early version. Once you're in a game with someone that actually wants to play, it's a ton of fun. As the baby washes down batteries with bleach or tries to roast itself in the oven, it loses health. Depending on the dangerous thing baby does, it may lose a little over time, or die all at once. There are already a number of awful and hilarious ways to die in the game, and its developers promise more down the line.

This is one of those games whose simple concept seems like it would be fun for just a few minutes, but I've found a surprising amount of replayablility in Who's Your Daddy. Admittedly, it's more fun to play as the baby but there is a certain amount of pride that comes with winning as the dad, especially since that little devil can be so relentless.

If you're interested in Who's Your Daddy, I suggest you vote for it on Greenlight. If it is developed more, I can see it becoming a popular party game. As it stands now, a significant portion of the humor lies in the unpolished look (especially when the dad crouches and does his best ET impression). The alpha doesn't cost anything, but please don't expect a finished product. Perhaps one day soon, we'll have a full version to toy with, though I suppose that is really in the hands of the community. If you're still unsure if this is something you want, I suggest you watch this video before you make any rash decisions.