What I'm Playing: Loose Ends Edition

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Every summer, I fall into the same routine. I buy a bunch of games through the sales on Steam, Good old Games and Humble Bundle with every intention of playing every one to completion. On top of that, I almost always have some console game or another to finish that ends up gathering dust through no fault of its own. This year, I have resolved to complete at least five of the neglected games in my list. I've already finished two of them (Far Cry 4 and Arkham Knight) leaving me to talk briefly about the remaining three games on my list.

Sunset: Though not a long game by any means, Sunset is a game best played with few distractions. I picked this up through one of the awesome Humble Bundle deals a while ago. I've heard so much about it and what little I've played has been very engaging. It's very interesting to be the sole visible character in the game but interact so closely with the owner of the apartment, even if only through the work I do. I'm astounded by the beauty of the graphics and the voice acting is absolutely captivating.

Grand Theft Auto V: How do I define completed when it comes to sandbox games like GTA V? It' certainly a tricky question to answer. I've known people that only play to mess around in the world and never undertake any of the story missions. I counted myself among them until GTA IV and the very well written story it contained. So far, I like the story missions in V, particularly the heists. As a lover of heist films like Heat and The Italian Job. Sure, none of the heists I've pulled off have been as intricate (yet) but going through all the setup before the payoff is really fun. With this in mind, I'll probably say I'm done once I've finished the story and all the online heists.

Alien: Isolation: Look, it's a terrifying game. Whenever I sit down to play, my kids turn off all the lights to "help the atmosphere." I'm scared to keep playing, but I'll get around to it soon. Promise