Towerfall: Darkworld

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

We have written about Towerfall: Ascension before, but to bring you up to speed: Towerfall is a fast-paced retro-style archery platformer from developer Matt Makes Games. Towerfall is a fantastically addictive game and complex game. It taps the nostalgia vein well with its colorful 2D 8-bit art style, but don't let that fool you into thinking that it's an unsophisticated game. The controls are basic and you have a finite amount of arrows to loose on your enemies as you run/jump/bounce about the arena. There are VS and Co-op Quest modes that support up to 4 players to explore. In a time when local multiplayer is becoming less and less available, Towerfall is a breath of fresh air.

With a wide variety of maps, power-ups, and variants to modify gameplay, Towerfall never gets old. This battle royale can be brutal and unforgiving at times, especially if you dare engage the quest's Hardcore or Legendary modes, but victories are all the sweeter for the struggle.

Spike ball just wants to be loved.

This new Darkworld DLC, adds even more to the heap of content provided in Towerfall: Ascension. Alternate sprites are available for all original archers, along with a new bonus archer. Four new level sets for versus mode and four new spectacular unique boss-fights for Darkworld mode. Not to mention the new variants and powers ups.

The enemies and levels for much of Darkworld is procedurally generated. In the standard Quest mode, you could count on the enemies spawning in the same patterns after you died. In fact, memorizing those patterns was one of our chief strategies for beating the game. Darkworld switches up not only spawn locations, but enemy types as well, making for a varied and unpredictable experience.

Co-op play is further extended by the new player respawn system. Rather than each player having a limited number of lives, partners can stand over their fallen comrades to revive them. Some may call it a cop out to give players unlimited lives, but once you've tried to revive someone in the middle of a wave of enemies, you're bound to change your tune.

Whether you have been playing Towerfall faithfully and have achieved gold skulls on all quest modes (in which case I would very much like to shake your hand) or you are just about to jump in for the first time, picking up the Darkworld expansion is an excellent idea.


Towerfall: Ascension and its Darkworld expansion are available on PC, Playstation 4
You can buy them here - Steam : PlayStation4