Tales of Ice & Fire - "The Lost Lords"

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Time again to delve into Telltale's  Game of Thrones Series. Episode 2, "The Lost Lords", dropped on February 3rd and frankly, I have been hesitant to see what my choices have wrought. This game (thus far) has brought out the neurotic in me.

True to George R.R. Martin's literary style, the first episode "Iron from Ice" didn't pull any punches. They seemed carefully constructed to let the player know just how out of their depth they are. This next episode, though appropriately dramatic, doesn't have the same explosive fervor of the first (much to my relief). The choices made in "Iron From Ice" have some effect here in the second, and I was delighted that nothing I did before bit me too hard on the ass.

The "painterly" style adopted by Telltale to depict it the world of Ice & Fire is still quite lovely. Unfortunately as pretty as it is, the modeling of some of the characters based on the HBO series' actors looks a little off. Some characters (*cough* Margaery Tyrell - *cough*) reside in some muddy portion of the "Uncanny Valley."  The members of House Forrester don't seem to suffer from this issue, though that might simply be because I am unaware of the artist's living reference for them. I will chalk that up to my own critical eye.

One of these things is supposed to be like the other.

The release date of  the next episode, "The Sword in the Darkness", has yet to be announced. No matter how long it may be, it is certainly shorter than waiting for the next book. And there are worse ways to get your Game of Thrones fix in the interim.