Star Wars Humble Bundle Has Everything a Nerf Herder Needs

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Humble Bundles are wonderful things. After a long, self imposed dry spell, I'm more than a little tempted to pick up the latest offering from my favorite source of new games. The Humble Star Wars Bundle is barely into it's third day and has already earned more than $2.75 million for Unicef. It's a hell of a start to this pack of classic games. From pure lightsaber combat to the frontlines of the galaxy's most memorable battles. if ever there was a bundle to buy, this is the one. Let's take a look through some of the titles in the bundle.

I would spend hours transfixed by the elegance of the lightsaber combat in Jedi Knight II. There was a particular mod that allowed me to face off against wave after wave of baddies, taking limbs left and right (the pun is glorious!) all to the tune of Prodigy. Those were the days. Jedi Academy has a story and level design a bit less interesting than the original JKII, but it's still a decent game well worthy of your time.

Battlefront II was great if for nothing else than fantasy fulfillment. Who didn't want to pilot one of the At-ATs on Hoth and  mow down those puny rebels as they fled like cowards? While the prequel battles tended to leave me feeling a bit unenthused, the classic trilogy levels are awesome. Battlefront was the best for portraying the appropriate sense of scale in some of the iconic battles.

The Knights of the Old Republic games were some of the fist Bioware games I ever played and still remain among my favorite games. Well developed characters, reactive companions and decisions that really made a difference in the way your story played out may be things we expect of Bioware now, but KOTOR was a big risk at the time. Bioware has done great things since (Dragon Age, Msss Effect) but they have remained true to many of the things that made KOTOR great.

I've had some history with almost all of the games currently available through the bundle. More games will be added next week but I struggle to guess what else could sweeten this deal. If you are at all a Star Wars fna and don't already have these games, I see no reason for you to miss out on this bundle.