Your Pizza Adventure: FMV, Choose Your own Adventure, Serious Nostalgia

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

There was a time in my youth that FMV games were everywhere. Some said they were the future. Those people were wrong, of course, but the sight of an FMV sequence today plucks at my nostalgia strings like few other things can; except for Choose your Own Adventure books. Those things were boss.

I recently found a game that combines both of those nostalgia mines. Your Pizza Adventure is an amusing, full motion video game for the iOS. It's hero is a young pizza delivery boy on his first delivery. In guiding Pizza Boy to his destination, the player is confronted with various choices ranging from mundane to absurd.

An example of one of the early choices in the game

The humor is that mix of situational comedy and completely ridiculous that typified so many adventure and FMV games of the early 90's. It's a love letter to the days of old, a tribute to infamous games like (and altogether much better game) Night Trap.

The game touts over 300 possible scenarios, which means a lot of interesting combinations are possible. I'm not altogether sure how many of those scenarios end in victory, but should you the player encounter a failure at all they can "spend a pizza slice" to restart the last choice and attempt a better outcome.

Your Pizza Adventure is currently available for iOS.