Temporal Accuracy

Friday, February 20, 2009
Time to tread the waters of World at War a second time as we examine a interesting peculiarity. As I work my way through the ranks online I'm noticing more and more that I'm suddenly and without apparent reason, a much better shot in this game. It may be the Call of Duty feel I'm so used to, it may be a product of the game engine itself, but I have a hunch it's something else.

Long ago, before the Xbox existed, before Call of Duty was a twinkle in Activision's eye, I was playing a WWII shooter on my playstation. The first shooter I ever played on a console, Medal of Honor was the game that solidified my love of the genre and became the first game I truly mastered. I could throw a grenade from almost anywhere on the map and land it with pinpoint accuracy almost anywhere else.

It was here that I hoed my snipping skills to perfection. Medal of Honor filled countless hours of my free time and I dedicated myself to achieving a kill with every shot I fired.

This, I believe, is the reason I am much more accurate in World at War than I am in even Halo. I'm familiar with the iron sights on an M1, I know the kick of a Springfield rifle. I believe, or at least I want to believe that my familiarity with these weapons is an actual advantage online.

Am I wrong? Probably. It's more likely to be some product of my time spent online with Call of Duty 4. It's even more likely that the game itself gives you more of a boost when you're aiming, but somewhere in the dark corners of my mind I'll wonder.

Ah, but we forget, this hypothesis can be tested. After all that's what Hypotheses are for. So, let the games begin. I'll play five rounds of both CoD4 and WaW, gather the average kills per round and see what we come up with. Go, science!

Okay,I did my best to work with comparable weapon loadouts between the two; M-4 for CoD4 and the Gehwer for WaW. In five rounds of CoD4 I averaged about 8 kills per match. Compare that to the five rounds of World at War and my average of 12 kills per round. Interesting

Perhaps there is something to my theory of temporal accuracy. Maybe the fact that I shoot a little straighter is a product of all those hours spent with Medal of Honor. And my parents said I was wasting my time.