What's Happening to Me?

Monday, December 15, 2008
I've become a solid fan of multiplayer. Online battles over Xbox live have never really thrilled me, mostly because of the issues I have with the average gamer's grasp of language. I was enough to keep me away for years, and frustrating enough to make me throw my controller down in anger after several matches. Such was the face of Xbox Live.

Now, with the Party system in place, I don't have to listen to them anymore. They can't hear me, I can't hear them and it is bliss. Playing Halo now reminds me of playing with Bots in the original Unreal Tournament, except that these bots have a peculiar propensity to crouch repeatedly near my head after I die. Weird programming.

The point is, I've rediscovered my single greatest talent in most multiplayer shooters. I've always been a great driver. One recent team slayer match would seem to confirm it, seeing as I was never killed, nor did my warthog ever get destroyed. It was a hell of a match, enough to get me looking at clan membership.

Joining or starting a Clan is a big step towards playing online. Usually it means late nights in front of the TV perfecting your technique. Certain clans will assign you specific roles based on your skill and require you to keep them honed. Of course I've been looking at clans that focus on vehicle usage but more importantly, I'm looking at clans that don't take themselves too seriously. It's a crucial part of the multiplayer game for me to be able to laugh at what I'm playing.

I'm no professional player, but I have enough interest in the matchmaking scene to invest some time in a clan. Whether it develops into anything more is something I'm not prepared to answer. All I want is to have some fun with some people that share my love of the game.