Welcome, won't you?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Hello all you ambiguous readers and welcome to Somnambulant Gamer, the gaming blog providing you with almost nothing you can't get anywhere else. This being my first blog, I know very few people will be reading this. As a matter of fact if you are reading this, chances are you are part of my immediate family or small network of friends. So thanks, friend or relative, for taking the time to wade through my drivel.

Enough pandering, let's talk about why I'm here. I hope to express in this blog my views on gaming and it's effect on the world we know. I'm not referring solely to video games, I'll also be discussing tabletop games, board games, anything one could consider gaming will be discussed at some point, you can be sure. I will discuss the games I have played and am playing, my views on the industry and it's future, as well as more mercurial issues such as why we play games in the first place.

That said, I want to be clear that I will be writing purely from my own experience (limited as it is) and my best guesses as to the future of the industry. I will not be party to any petty console war discussion. It's ridiculous, irrelevant and juvenile. I only own one console, not out of preference but because I am a man of limited financial abilities. I am a consumer, not a member of the industry I aim to discuss. I am not your first choice in gaming news, I am one man with too much free time and the ego to believe people want to read what I have to say.
Again, welcome and thank you for reading this far. You can stop now.