More Wolf Among Us (And Other Great Telltale Chapters)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Telltale just dropped some news worth squeeing over, Season 2 of Wolf Among Us will be released in 2018!

We don't know much more than that, it appears those lips are sealed. Many fans (including us here at Somnam) have been waiting with baited breath for more Wolf Among Us since the last episode of Season 1 back in 2014. It has been a tryingly long wait and I hope that Telltale will deliver a new season with a story worthy of it.

The award-winning Fables comic series on which Wolf Among Us is based ended its 13 year, 150 issue run back in 2015. So, the good news is that if you haven't read the comics you have an amazing adventure to dig into while you wait. The rest of us poor souls will just have to be patient.

Telltale also announce in their update a new Batman season as well as the final season of their noted Walking Dead series. You can take a peek at their announcement below.