Changes to Somnambulant Gamer

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hey there, folks. I'm substituting our regular post to tell you about some changes coming to Somnabulant Gamer that you may or may not have been aware of. Since this site began in 2008 (yes, we've been shouting into the void for that long) a lot has changed about the way we provide our content as well as the way that people generally consume it. We've grown, though in small increments, each year and I am proud of the voice we have found amongst the din of larger sites.

It has always been our goal to provide you with our own, unedited opinions on the games we like and dislike as well as the challenges we see for this industry. That won't change. However, we will be disabling comments from here on out. Our small community hasn't really used them and they have not proven to be a place that has brought any more depth to what you get from our site.

As you may know, Michael Sayre, one of our writers and a very good friend of mine has been working on a few projects outside of Somnambulant Gamer. His first large book, Akashic Mysteries from Dreamscarred Press, is a loving adaptation of one of Mike's favorite elements from D&D 3.5, the Magic of Incarnum. He has worked very hard on this book and it shows in every page. If you play Pathfinder at all, even if you aren't typically one for third party content, do yourself a favor and pick it up. It is excellent.

Mike has already worked on a number of other supplements and third party content and is fast becoming a well known name in the Pathfinder community. If you are interested in tabletop games at all, you owe it to yourself to become more familiar with this man's work. He is insightful and sharp, and first and foremost has the interests of all players in mind. Akashic Mysteries has managed to take a system that I felt was clunky and overcomplicated and massaged it into a smooth and intuitive ruleset.

In other news, I have been pursuing a game design degree for the past six months. I've been very happy with my progress so far and hope to bring some of the insight I have gained to bear on our future work here at Somnabulant Gamer.

Thank you all for reading through the years. If you're a long time reader or just joining us, please stick around. There are great things ahead.