Riverbond - PAX Rising Demo

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

In our current gaming world couch co-op has started to fade into the background. There is less and less opportunity for raucous games shared with friends in the same room. Riverbond, the third title by Toronto based developer Cocucumber, is a breath of fresh air in this co-op light gaming scene.

Riverbond is a single / multi-player arcade style adventure hack n' slash. We had the opportunity for some hands on at PAX West within the PAX Rising selection and it was addictive frenetic fun with brightly colored exploding, bouncing voxels in a charmingly blocky world, like a candy coated Minecraft  landscape.

The look and feel of Riverbond is a Whitman's Sampler of game influences. Elements of Castle Crashers, Zelda, Bomberman, Minecraft, and Torchlight 2 are felt throughout. It's hard not to smile while running and smashing things apart in the undeniably delightful landscapes.

As Steven and I played, I was impressed with the ease that another player could jump in and out of a campaign to aid you in your quest. That kind of accessibility is very enticing for inviting family and friends who may only be able to join for a brief time, or who might otherwise be dissuaded from jumping in by a cumbersome login process,

I barley scratched the surface of what Riverbond had to offer in my short time with the demo, but I am very much looking forward to it's release so that I can cozy up with family and friends to explore this enticing adventure.

Riverbond is set to release on PC and consoles on a TBD date in 2017.