Massive Sale at Alluria Publishing!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It has come to my attention that Alluria Press, creators of some of my favorite materials in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, are having a massive sale in an attempt to raise funds to continue producing new product. This is an amazing company who makes amazing products, and I can't tell you what an incredible deal you're being offered on their campaign setting, Cerulean Seas, for under $6!!! More than that, every .pdf in their library is on sale for 70% off, so if you're already a fan, this is your chance to fill out any holes in your library.

You can read Endzeitgeist's amazing 5 star review of Cerulean Seas here, or find many other equally glowing reviews on Paizo's website here. I will take a moment to let you know that as glowing as those reviews are, what's truly amazing is how well they maintained that ridiculously high quality of art and writing in their subsequent books, like their psionic companion book Waves of Thought, or their east Asian inspired setting expansion Celadon Shores.

Or maybe aquatic options aren't your thing. Maybe you'd be more interested in something like the insectile Entobian player race, which allows you to play a larval bug person who can involve into any of a variety of insect creatures. That one's available for less than $1, which is just crazy (I paid $5.99 for it and felt I got an amazing deal).

There's also the snail-like Zif, the impish Kval, and many more player race options that are all, each and every one, amazing supplements to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, offered at an amazing price and with the very important goal of keeping a company that releases exclusively high quality products in the business of producing them. Check out the sale, pick up some of these amazing .pdfs, maybe even grab a hardcover to sit on your shelf. I promise you won't be disappointed.