Tak: A Beautiful Game

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Just in case any of you happen to be fans of the incredible Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Wise Man's Fear, The Name of The Wind, The Slow Regard of Silent Things, and an unreleased title commonly referred to as "For the love of all that is good Patrick, please finish it, we seriously can't wait any longer, it's driving us crazy", you should probably know that he's in the final 72 hours of a Kickstarter with James Ernest of Cheapass Games. These two creative geniuses are bringing the game Tak, originally mentioned in The Wise Man's Fear, to life and producing it for the enjoyment of the real world.

Tak is a two player abstract strategy game, in the vein of games like Chess, Go and Mancala. Tak uses a square board, which can be any size from 3x3 up to 8x8, but the most common sizes are 5x5 and 6x6. Each player has several matching pieces, or "stones," and one special piece called the "Capstone." The Capstone can be any shape, and the other pieces should be simple, stackable pieces in a matching style. The board starts empty, and the goal is to build a road (a connected string of your pieces) connecting opposite sides of the board.

Tak is described as an elegant game, and looking at some of the versions available in the Kickstarter, it certainly looks the part. Though this is the first retail version of the game, fans of the Kingkiller series have been making their own Tak sets for a while now. There are even places to play the game online, against AI opponents or other people.

Sound interesting? If so, read more about it here. If not, we obviously do not share the same interests and probably don't have much more to talk about. Seriously though, if ever there were two businessmen worth throwing money at, it's these guys, so I suggest you grab your copy (or copies) of Tak now, while the Kickstarter is running and they're making deals. You probably don't want to hop on this train late and have to pay retail price when this thing hits stores.