I Pledge Allegiance To This Game And Forsake All Others Before it

Thursday, May 26, 2016
Superfans have regularly ruined my experience in games like Destony and The Division. Image Source: Forbes.com

While perusing the Destiny subreddit the other day I came upon a post asking how many in the community had come back to Bungie's Space Loot Opera after playing The Division. Post after post went on about how disappointed people were in The Division and how terrible a game it is and how awesome Destiny is and always has been. Sure, The Division has had some problems, not the least of which have cropped up in the latest update, but the overall quality of the game is still pretty good. As I read through the comments, I started wondering when all this play one and only one game mentality came from.

Sharing the Games We've Loved

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My grey brick of a Game Boy was my constant companion as a child. I had (if childhood memory serves) quite the collection of cartridges, along with many of the bulky and cumbersome add-ons to "enhance" the mobile gaming experience. I spent long hours curled up in impossible positions, playing until my aching wrists and numb fingers couldn't support the heavy apparatus any longer.

Crawl 0.9 Update Adds More Narrative, Deadly Fish

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Image source: Powerhoof

We love Crawl. The 4 player local dungeon crawler stole our hearts at the Seattle Indies Expo in 2014 and we have been closely following its progress since. The last few updates have added a lot of items, a few new monsters and a second boss to the game, but the latest update has us squealing with joy every time we start a match.

Google's Art Camera Captures Unbelievable Detail in Classic Paintings

Thursday, May 19, 2016
Image Source: fastcompany.com

Claude Monet's work needs to be seen up close to really appreciate the beauty of it. Though his work is breathtaking, even in print or online, being able to see the individual brush strokes and blots of paint is another experience altogether. Come high end photographs have brought us close, but Google's Art Camera, over 1,000 works of art from museums around the world are now available for you to view as gigapixel images. The results are incredible to behold.

Tak: A Beautiful Game

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Just in case any of you happen to be fans of the incredible Patrick Rothfuss, author of The Wise Man's Fear, The Name of The Wind, The Slow Regard of Silent Things, and an unreleased title commonly referred to as "For the love of all that is good Patrick, please finish it, we seriously can't wait any longer, it's driving us crazy", you should probably know that he's in the final 72 hours of a Kickstarter with James Ernest of Cheapass Games. These two creative geniuses are bringing the game Tak, originally mentioned in The Wise Man's Fear, to life and producing it for the enjoyment of the real world.

Battleborn Review, From (Almost) all of Us

Thursday, May 12, 2016
Image Source: Gearbox

Wesley, Mike and I have been playing a lot of Battleborn lately. Mike and I had the opportunity to play Battleborn at PAX as well as the opportunity to play in the closed and open beta. Together, we have slain many minions of Rendain and lain down our lives to protect Solus, the last star.  The three of us debated for a while over who would be the one to write our piece this time around. Because there is so much variety to Battleborn , we thought it may be best if we each wrote something about this game.

Incredible Expeditions Is Not What it Could Have Been

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Two years ago, Mike and I came upon a board game at PAX that caught my eye. I've long been a fan of steampunk aesthetics and rollicking stories of adventure. Incredible Expeditions: Quest for Atlantis promised both of those things wrapped into a singularly appealing package. Mike purchased the grand tour edition of the game for me as a gift. This edition was a limited run set with deluxe pieces and a couple bundled expansions centered on Lovecraft and espionage. Still in its Kickstarter at the time, I finally received my copy last month. After two years of waiting, we excitedly sat down to play. Here's what we found.

Rediscovering an Old Nemesis - Retro Review: Darkwing Duck GB

Friday, May 6, 2016

While wandering through Goodwill the other day and browsing through the aisles, I came upon their precious locked display cabinet where old gaming goodies sometimes show up. As Goodwill has migrated more of their in demand items onto their auction site, ShopGoodwill.com, fewer and fewer of these treasures show up, but on rare occasion an old game or comic might slip through to their display cabinet. That's when my eyes landed on an old and familiar Game Boy cartridge, Darkwing Duck.

Dawn of War III Announced

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
image courtesy of ars technica

My only experiences with Warhammer 40k or otherwise has been through video games. It started with a demo of Chaos Gate that came in a PC Gaming Monthly magazine back in the late 90's and built through Dawn of War and Dawn of War II. I've had my eye on Gothic Armada, but haven't pulled the trigger on it yet. I haven't ever done anything more than peruse the actual figures, though I know several people who play regularly and they have confirmed that mine is the less expensive way to play. Today, that hobby got a revitalization with the announcement of Dawn of War III.