New Expansion Coming to Endless Legend April 7th

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Endless Legend is a beautiful strategy game. Amplitude's latest title in its Endless series has received a number of awards and considerable adulation from critics and players alike. Today, the studio announced details and a release date for its next DLC expansion. Shifters will launch on April 7th and introduces a new major faction and strategic elements to the game.

The Allayi are a bat-like race who claim to be the true caretakers of Auriga. As with all of the factions in Endless Legend, their goals do not appear to be wholly gracious or nefarious though their intro video does have a far more adversarial bent to it than most others. They are very closely tied to Auriga, so closely that their appearance and abilities change with the seasons

An Allayi city in winter. That is a skyfin in the background.
In summer, the Allayi are friendly and more suited to defensive tactics, but their abilities become more offensive and aggressive when winter rolls around. Amplitude's press release didn't go into much detail on how exactly this shift works or what it will mean for players using or dealing with the new faction.

It should come as no surprise that the new faction looks absolutely stunning. The Allayi strike an imposing figure with their pan-like legs, white fur and strange, detached wings. Their different units range from hulking heroes, lithe cavalry units and enormous creatures called skyfins that look like airborne nudibranchs.

The Shifters expansion also enhances the winter season. A new resource called Pearls of Auriga that can only be collected in winter may be spent at a new building for faction blessings, buildings and other, as yet unknown items. Players will also be able to influence the effects of winter, hopefully using the season to gain specific advantages over their enemies.

We love Endless Legend and are very excited to see more elements added to the already deep strategy title. Shifters launches April 7th.