Please Don't Feed the Gorns

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

This is entirely out of date, but I finally got around to playing the Star Trek game on PS3 with Ssalarn.  Unfortunately, we only played for a brief period, and just haven't found the time to continue the game together.  It begins like most Star Trek episodes, with a distress call. This time from a Vulcan space station harvesting energy to speed along the creation of New Vulcan.  So, of course Kirk and Spock shuttle in to assist.  It should be noted that you can either play cooperatively or single player with optional character change out between chapters.

While checking out the space station, you encounter several cooperative challenges, this is one of the first games I've seen in a LOOOONG time (since Army of Two) that includes same screen, sitting next to the other player coordination.  This includes precise controller movements and timing, it is a surprisingly difficult game, but the physics and the way the characters react to damage (or even being thrown like a ragdoll across the room by a Gorn) feels realistic to me, which you don't see very often.

During this escapade through the station you encounter a bunch of different puzzles that require some teamwork to get through. Eventually you find the remaining crew of the collapsing station and high tail it out of there while it blows up behind you. Quite spectacular.

Back on the Enterprise, Kirk and Spock chat with the captain of the now ex-station. M'Tar, said captain, and old school pal of Spock explains the station didn't malfunction, but was shut down from the nearby planet (New Vulcan) Also, a rip in time and space appears and it was probably caused by the device the station was powering.

Anyway, after exchanging a few quips and innuendo, it's off to New Vulcan to learn more about the anomoly. Planetside, you encounter several "infected" Vulcans who you can decide to take out non-lethally or kill. There is also a very grumpy Gorn thief  (have I mentioned he likes to throw things?). Gorns, for the uneducated, are the big scaly reptilian dudes that gave Kirk a run for his money back in the original series. They're back in a big way in the game, complete with an alternate timeline makeover.

Of course, despite wanting to continue the game due to the interesting plot, our schedules didn't allow for it.  I know there are wikis and let's plays out there, and I'll probably watch them if we don't get back to it soon!

In summary, while the controls and realism of the characters' interaction with their environment make the gameplay look and feel like an episode of classic Star Trek using the newer actors and effects, it also detracts slightly in that it makes it an uphill battle to actually progress through the story in a timely manner.  I certainly recommend the game if you love the classic series and the new movies.