My Pizza Adventure

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It's not everyday you get hired off the street, but that's exactly how Your Pizza Adventure begins. The  adventure game for iOS recalls the camp of the 90's FMV fascination and manages a pretty entertaining story at the same time.

You play as an ordinary guy handed a pizza and an address. How you get there is really up to you, as the game gives you numerous choices and divergent paths right from  the start. Essentially, you make a decision and see how our choice plays out, until the next split in the path. It's an interactive "Choose Your own Adventure" book.

In my three playthroughs, I encountered a number of different characters, in various situations. The acting is good throughout, though I especially enjoyed John K.D. Graham's performance as the bum. While a lot of the predicaments are ridiculous, they're all very entertaining and funny.

The interface is simple but effective and responsive. The game is fairly short, but this helps the simple mechanic from feeling monotonous. There are a lot of alternative paths to try out, and not every bad choice leads to failure. I found Your Pizza Adventure to have decent replayability, especially for a mobile game.

Your first choice in the game matters more than you think.

It's also a game that really anyone can play. Kids and adults can enjoy the humor, and the straightforward interface make it easy for people unfamiliar with games to pick up and play. It's tempting to criticize the length of the game, but it's pace and replayability knock the argument flat. There were a couple occasions where I found myself stuck in a loop, playing the same series of decisions more than once in the same playthrough. Other than that, the game is solid and entertaining.

Your Pizza Adventure is currently available only for iOS. It's one of the few games I can really recommend to anyone. It's funny and easy to play, though those expecting a deep, nuanced story should probably look elsewhere. It will be over soon, but I'm sure you'll enjoy the trip.