Ooops, BBC accidentally airs Halo UNSC Emblem as United Nations Security Counsel Logo.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Someone at the BBC goofed in a rather amusing manner (or they were totally awesome, either or). 

After a what was surely one of the most careless Google Image searches ever, Sophie Raworth (on Thursday's One O'clock News) ended up reporting about the real UNSC (United Nations Security Counsel) with the Halo's United Nations Space Command  emblem displayed obliviously behind her.

The idea of the United Nations Space Command being criticized by Amnesty International for being ineffective in preventing crimes against humanity tickles me a bit. Perhaps the UN Security Counsel should take a hint and hit up Master Chief for some help in Siria, I think they would be hard pressed to find a fictitious character better at protecting humanity.

(via Eurogamer)