Of Kotaku, Bag Cams, and Ethics

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
While browsing Kotaku a few weeks back, I came across an article regarding Borderlands 2. Hungry for more details about the game, I was disappointed to see that it was a cam-shot leaked video from the floor demo shown at PAX and Gamescon.

Kotaku posted the leaked video, saying " and so of course we thought we'd share it with all of you." What they seem to have forgotten was the neatly printed and highly visible "no pictures or video, please" sign plastered all over the Borderlands 2 booth.

I enjoy Kotaku, but I think there is something to be said for journalistic integrity. I believe at least that we should respect the developers wishes to keep the game under wraps. I'm not saying that the person who shot the video is a bad person. I'm not saying that he/she shouldn't be allowed to post it to Youtube if they wish. I am saying that Kotaku should have exercised a little more restraint instead of posting the video on their megadrazillion-hits-per-day site.

I should add that this is in fact the second leaked Borderlands 2 footage to show up on Kotaku. And not only was it featured on the site, the video was hosted through their proprietary video codec.

You will not find leaked videos on our site without us first obtaining the permission of the developers to use them.You will not find us lifting stories from Reddit, and you most certainly will not see incredulous "see what offerings the mortals have brought" posts.

We feel that the developers of the games we play deserve a certain level of respect. We also feel that the community we serve deserves the same respect. That is all.