XCOM is Alive and Looks Better than I'd Hoped

Saturday, June 12, 2010
Before you go shooting your mouth off about what a traitor I am, just follow the link and watch the trailer.

Well? Do you feel a little better? I certainly do. I still have a few tiny little reservations but given what I've seen and read from the developers of the new XCOM; sign me up.

I've read what the Great Crecente has to say about the trailer and for once I have to disagree. I am a little disappointed to see XCOM going the FPS route, though I think believing XCOM would be brought back largely unchanged is simply naive.

The Video Game industry today is far different from the one of 1994. This XCOM is honestly the best we could hope for, I just wish more people saw it that way.

I was skeptical, but after reviewing the available media I can say with certainty that 2K has kept the core of the experience intact. So what if the game has changed perspective? You still have research, you still choose your team, and you still get a base. The strategic basis of the game is still there. That's what is important here, not some preposterous ideal borne out of nostalgia.

It's time to stop living in some fantasy land and get real with our expectations. The new XCOM looks and sounds great, nice job so far 2K. Thank you for treating this title with respect.