Fallout: New Vegas Puts a Face to the Name

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Bethesda released the teaser trailer for Fallout" New Vegas today. It's done in the same style of the teaser for Fallout 3 though it's packed full of references for Fallout veterans like me. Have a look at it here in all it's glory.

First off, the trailer is set in what appears to be (or could at least be likened to) Golgotha from Fallout 2. For those of limited recall or the true Fallout novice, Golgotha was the graveyard where all the mobsters from New Reno were buried.

Pulling out a little more, we can see the city itself with a few recognizable landmarks. I have to say, it all looks remarkably complete for a city surrounded by military test facilities.

Finally, as we catch a glimpse of the Helghast-esque figure at the end of the trailer, you can make out that the flag belongs to the NCR (New California Republic), a city that has seen mention in both of the original games. Starting as the quiet, Radscorpion infested village of Arroyo, the village evolved into the NCR under the leadership of Tandi (wee lass in Fallout to ancient curmudgeon in Fallout 2). It's nice to see some familiar faces

Bethesda has been hush hush regarding any further details. We'll start getting answers soon I'm sure, but at least we've got something now.