Somnambulant Gamer Pumpkin Preview: Left 4 Dead 2

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here we are folks. It's Halloween and the last night of our 1st annual Pumpkin Preview. We thought it only fitting to end with Left 4 Dead 2.

The second installment of everyone's favorite speedy zombie simulator will arrive on shelves November 17th sporting new characters, new maps, melee weapons and new game modes for all to enjoy.

I really enjoyed Left 4 Dead, though I didn't expect I'd have so little fun playing as the boss zombies in multiplayer. Something about it just didn't click for me. Maybe it was getting killed about 30 seconds into playing any of the characters or the fact that I couldn't ever choose which type I'd be (though more ofter than not I became a Boomer). Whatever it was, I just didn't have any fun as the zombie bosses.

The game did shine when it came to co-op as the survivors. I'm big on teamwork in games and to finally play a title that forces others to work WITH me rather than around me was more than just gratifying; it was like ambrosia.

Left 4 Dead 2 will deliver everything the original did and more. The most notable difference is probably the addition of melee weapons such as the chainsaw or the frying pan.

Left 4 Dead 2 also features Scavenge mode, a sort of capture the flag mode in which the survivors are required to find and use a number of gas cans to power generators that will extend the round time.

Finally is the Realism Mode which switches off the visual aids telling friend from foe and changing the damage dealt to specific parts of the infected in the game. If you give this mode a shot, let me give you some advice. Shoot them in the head, just like Uncle Romero told you.

I don't think Left 4 Dead 2 deserves all the controversy that's surrounded it since it's announcement. From the Aussie Boycott to the accusations of racism, it's all a little over the top. The game is what it is and there is no changing that. Let Valve make the game they want to make. You'll probably find it's still a game from Valve that is well worth your time and adoration.

Let's face it, Valve puts out good product. I don't think they've led me astray yet, and I don't think Left 4 Dead 2 will be any kind of turning point in that regard. Hell, I get to shoot zombies and tell people what to do. How could it go wrong?