Fabula Nova Holy Fucking Shit (A Brief Overview of Final Fantasy XIII)

Thursday, April 16, 2009
As I get older, fewer and fewer games really get me excited--that 'new game' electric feeling is, by and large, gone. I get the feeling, now and again, but it fades, usually, rather quickly. Almost never do I buy a game on 'day one'. In fact, I can't remember the last game I bought at launch. Metal Gear Solid 4, I think.

But there are four games that are, right now, excepted. One of them is the odd man out, and that's God of War 3. I just can't wait to murder me the king of gods.

The other three are Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

You may have gathered: I might be considered the local FF fanboy. I even play Final Fantasy XI, the oft-scoffed at FF MMO that everyone agrees shouldn't have been assigned the honor of "XI" and just been "Final Fantasy Online". But I digress.

That said, I am not so blind in my faith that Final Fantasy can do no wrong in my eyes. Final Fantasy X, while widely-hailed, had a main character second only to Luke Skywalker for the 'biggest pansy-ass protagonist' award. In fact, almost everything about X was stupid, excepting the sphere grid and the ability to swap out party members. Final Fantasy XII had amazing sights, production values, and the best voice acting of many games to date, but the combat system and 'drop system' for items gave it such an MMO feel that it sometimes didn't feel quite right. The only thing I'm going to mention about Final Fantasy X-2 is that I'm not going to mention Final Fantasy X-2.

But Final Fantasy XIII is looking to change all of that with "Fabula Nova Crystalis", or The New Legend of the Crystal. Taking Final Fantasy into the current generation, while keeping some of the best features of the past, and pushing the boundaries of the future, the series is looking to re-entice gamers (as if it really needed to. I'm looking at you, Japan) this 'series' is the new face of Final Fantasy; it can be, however, a little confusing to make sense of it all. How are these games related? How many are there? What are they about? On which platforms are they (and are they not) appearing? Where are my pants? All questions that need prompt answers, and I, Hiro, shall lead you into enlightenment.

How are these games related?

Games in the 'Fabula Nova Crystalis' series are connected in the same way that the Ivalice Alliance games are connected. (Ivalice Alliance: Final Fantasy Tactics, FF Tactics Advance, FF Tactics Advance 2, Final Fantasy XII, FF XII: Revenant Wings) and Vagrant Story). They all take place in the same world, but in different areas and, perhaps, at different times. This is different from other, previous Final Fantasy games which always take place on a different world, (which often goes unnamed).

How many are there?

Three have been announced so far: Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Final Fantasy Agito XIII.

What are they about? On which platforms will they be published?

Details about plot are, of course, kept relatively under-wraps. Here is what we know:

Final Fantasy XIII: (Playstation 3, Xbox 360)

The first and main entry in the series chronicles the struggle of code-named "Lightning" and her struggle to bring down the holy empire of Cocoon, a magical floating paradise at odds with the world below--Pulse.

Gameplay: Turn-based RPG, with real-time elements mixed in.

See the trailer HERE:

Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Playstation 3)

In a kingdom that holds the last crystal, an onslaught of 'heretics' is coming to take it. Its last defender and heir to the throne, Noctis Lucis Caelum (absolute badass) will protect it at any cost.

Gameplay: Kingdom Hearts-esque action RPG for mature audiences.

See the trailer HERE:

Final Fantasy Agito XIII (PSP)

Long at peace, one military academy takes up arms against the others. Making a last stand are twelve students.

Gameplay: Action RPG, Similar to PSP title "Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core".

See the trailer HERE:

Where are my pants?

I'm not wearin' any! Whoo-dog!

Hope this clears up any confusion about Fabula Nova Crystalis our readers may have. I, for one, am motherfucking crackling electric.