I Weep for our kind

Tuesday, February 3, 2009
I just wanted to cast an accusatory shaky finger at all those non-reading gamers out there. You've made us cry! Are you happy now? Now that you've dimmed our hopes, smashed our expectations and crushed our hearts.

At the risk of sounding lie the creaky jointed old man I am, I remember more books than games in my youth. Even now, when I go on a trip I pack my books before the DS.

Really though people, just read a fucking book! Let's be honest, you don't really think of RPG's as interactive novels, you consider them an easy excuse. If you did really consider them interactive novels, it might explain your choice of actual books.

Let me shed some luminous truth on your stunted little heads. Not all novel plots involve amnesia/mistaken identity and destiny in far off fantastical destinations. You'd know that well if you ventured away from your standard RPG for something a little more meaty.

You like survival horror? Read some damn Lovecraft! Every horror author and game designer has all but stolen their material from him since the 50's.

You read these posts, you read Kotaku (likely far more than you read these posts) you can read a decent book. These words are not grass fed domesticated creatures no more than those outside our meager walls are feral beasts that hunger for your tender neck meats.

You want vampires? Put down Twilight and read fucking Dracula! You want adventure? Read some Kipling! You love your shooters? Read anything by Stephen Ambrose! Question mark? Exclamation point!

It's time we took matters into our own hands. What's the bst book I read last year? At the Mountains of Madness, by Lovecraft followed closely by Gentlemen of the Road, by Michael Chabon. Hiro, fellow readers, how about you?