Overwatch is Taking Over my Game Time

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I was so sure I wouldn't like Overwatch. I was disappointed that it didn't have a campaign mode and that the story they set up was largely just filler and had no impact on how the game is played. Then I picked up a copy, and I'll be damned if I didn't change my tune right quick. I'm no expert, and I've not even reached a rank where I can play competitive matches, but I'm all in for Overwatch at this point. Here's why.

First off, the gameplay is really satisfying. The heroes differ in their degrees of complexity somewhat, but none of them are so complex that you need to dedicate more than an hour to figuring them out. The matches are usually no more than ten to fifteen minutes long, making it easy to pick up for a match or to before heading to work or during a break from homework or the like. One of the nicer side effects of the shorter matches is that you don't have to suffer as long if you're being completely steamrolled. The match is over before it has completely killed your fun.

Overwatch works on another level though. It manages to span the gap between being really accessible and strategically deep. Any match, especially a quick match can come down to a battle of attrition. the more cohesive team usually wins in those scenarios. More competitive and creative teams use the maps and their character composition to their advantage, creating shortcuts and flanking maneuvers out of terrain that seemed impassable. Because you are able to change characters mid game, some players will swap to another character that either compliments a teammate's hero or one that foils one of the opposing team's abilities. There is a surprisingly vast dynamic to the competitive scene.

The activity of the community is really impressive as well. As a new player, I was helped along by a number of veterans, who gave me great advice for being a good team player and a few specific tips for some of the heroes. Most of the people I've encountered while playing have been kind and communicative (when prompted). Overall, I am really impressed with the quality of the community for a game geared towards this level of competitive play. I tried to get into League of Legends once upon a time, but when every one of the dozen matches I played involved unhelpful, crabby, assholes who would rather bitch about having a new player on their team than actually help that person, I deleted the game and never looked back.

To be honest, it was that encounter that helped shape my early opinions of Overwatch. I understand that there are some games that fit into the world of competitive gaming better than others, and Overwatch was easily shaped for that mold. I am so grateful that the community I have found is one that is open and eager for new players. A big thanks to everyone that has helped me out, especially those of you that helped me understand how McCree's ultimate works. I was so clueless.