Pumpkin Preview 2014: Guns of Icarus Online

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The few online games I play consist largely of combat action titles like War Thunder and World of Tanks. From planes to tanks to mechs, I've some outlet for whatever form of mechanized doom I wish to unleash. Until some time last year, there was a clockwork void in that collection. When I discovered Guns of Icarus Online, I was delighted. We recently covered the game's co-op mode after playing it at PAX. While the cooperative Adventure mode has not yet been released, yesterday's patch still gives players plenty to be excited about. 

With the release of 1.3.8, new players can expect to see more complete (but skippable) tutorial experience that will guide them through the basics of the game and provide some time to practice those skills before dumping the fresh faced recruits into battle. Those battles can get pretty intense, so giving players a chance to familiarize themselves with their role onboard is a great way to minimize the stress of working with unfamiliar people on an unfamiliar craft. 

There are bigger changes in 1.3.8 than a new tutorial system. The matchmaking system has received a serious overhaul, and has made the process of setting up and finding games much easier. Captains are able to recommend loadouts to their crew members, and the system is now geared towards providing a faster and more balanced matching experience.

Alongside the ew matchmaking system, the way players earn experience has received an update. In the past, players had to complete achievements to gain rank in a particular class. Now the system is tied to experience and the number of games you've played / won. To round this new system out, the level cap has been increased to 45. All current players will discover their levels transferred to the new system upon completing the update.

Guns of Icarus tickles my steampunk side perfectly. Its combination of intense action and demanding teamwork keep me fired up about playing more often. The community of playerss and the captains I've encountered have been really helpful and encouraging. Guns of Icarus stands out for the way its players communicate. You cannot succeed by going the lone wolf route and screaming abuse at your crew will get you nowhere. Effective teamwork and communication are the real keys to success in the game. As such, Guns of Icarus has cultivated one of the most positive online gaming experiences I've ever had.