Fistful of Links: Destiny Beta Swings Wide, SqquareEnix gets Humble, and More

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Here we go again folks, another week has passed. Here are a few of the things that caught my eye in the news.

Cards Against Humanity Blogs about the 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit: The Holiday Bullshit event isn't exactly news, but CAH has finally written up a summary of the exercise. It's a great overview of an awesome event and a great puzzle. I was part of the 1,000 or so Redditors that eventually solved the multi-stage puzzle. As much as I enjoyed the experience, their announcement that they plan on doing it again has me a little worried.

Destiny Beta now Open to All: As I sat writing the above summary, I received an email from Bungie. The Beta for their upcoming Sci-Fi epic, Destiny is now open to everyone. Give it a go on whatever platform you like. It's an interesting move, considering that the beta was supposedly a pre-order exclusive. Anyway, pre-order of no, you are officially invited by Bungie to participate.

The Humble SquareEnix Bundle Launches: As if the Humble 2k Bundle wasn't good enough, the clever folks behind my favorite way to buy games have launched the Humble SquareEnix Bundle. For about $15 you can snag 16 games, including Thief Gold, three Hitman titles, and every Deus Ex game. If you aren't convinced yet, check back in next Wednesday when add even more games to sweeten the deal.

Cook and Becker: Game art is a beautiful thing, but too often it's relegated to tiny art boks or posters on terrible quality gloss paper. If you're like me, you've pined for some really high quality prints. Pieces you can put on your wall. Look no further, Cook and Becker await your superb taste. They have a variety of pieces available, almost all of it original concept art for numerous games. I'm particularly fond of the art from The Journey/ If you're serious about game art, this is the place to go.