Learning to Fall is Fun; Skydive: Proximity Flight

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
The newest game from Gaijin Entertainment, Skydive; Proximity Flight is the first game I've played, or even heard of, built around the sport of base jumping (Just Cause doesn't count). Built to work with the Playstation Move and Sixaxis controller, the game is equally fun with a standard controller. Sporting multiple modes of play and fast paced gameplay, Proximity Flight is no gimmicky motion control game, but an incredibly fun title.

The game is currently a PSN exclusive but will eventually be released for the Wii and 360. The controls are very similar to Flower in that button usage is minimal. I learned the basics of of the game by playing through some of the earlier challenge levels. There is no outright tutorial at all, but the challenges ramp up in difficulty well, more than making up for the learning curve. 

While the challenges are entertaining enough, it's the Adrenaline Race mode that has really sold me. You race against three AI opponents down massive mountains, through canyons, caves, cliffsides, crags and other terrain features that start with c. The race environments are complex and offer innumerable routes to the finish line. 

You'll earn more points for flying close to the ground, under arches or through caves, these also charge your adrenaline" meter, used to briefly increase your speed. The guage fills quickly, and doesn't last long when used, which encourages you to fly as dangerously as possible to achieve better results. Should you screw up and collide with the ground or a tree, you can briefly rewind time to recover and find a better trajectory.

The graphics are beautiful, with rich colors and lighting that brings the environments to life as you scream through at breakneck speed.

As much as I enjoy the pace of the game, I wish it had a multiplayer component. I'd love to be able to race via splitscreen or PSN. You can set challenges for friends in the Freestyle mode, but aside from this and the leaderboards, there is no other multiplayer offering as of yet. The game feels a little incomplete without it.

Skydive: Proximity Flight is available for $19.99 via PSN. You'll wish your friends could play it with you, but it's gorgeous to look at, fast and a lot of fun.