2013 Pumpkin Preview: Blood of the Werewolf

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hello dear readers, and welcome to another edition of Somnambulant Gamer's Pumpkin Preview. Tonight, in the first of four posts, we take another look at the excellent game Blood of the Werewolf. One of the first games to be published by Midnight City, Blood of the Werewolf has impressed us already.

Fast paced and lovingly illustrated, Blood of The Werewolf is an old school platformer that takes your character, Selena, one of the last of the werewolves through the lairs of classic horror monsters such as Dracula, Frankenstein, The Creature, and more. You are on the trail of your sons kidnappers and with the aid of the full moon, you will see them pay for what they've done.

BOTW's dedication to providing a serious challenge to its players is just one of many things that help it stand out. It brings the the kind of punishing play so rarely seen in today's games. Its a games that pushes players to be faster than their brains tell them they can be.

The gameplay is a callback to the classic days of Contra and Megaman, and the art and story are a love letter to classic monster film lore. We couldn't have asked for a better introduction to this years pumpkin preview.

Blood of the Werewolf is available now on steam. Pick it up. It will make you strong.