Halo: Reach Hangover

Monday, May 24, 2010
The Beta has come and gone leaving me with slightly empty feeling every time I turn on the 360. It has taken me a few days to collect my thoughts about the Reach Beta and I think I have sorted out my feelings.

I need to preface my observations with the fact that I am not a particularly good player. My enjoyment of video games surpasses my skill by far. I usually stick to playing with friends online so I can avoid the depression of having my ass handed to me by some foul mouthed 11-year-old or the hassle of the anti chick gamer comments (Tits or GTFO!).

Halo: Reach, with all the beta bugs, was the most fun I have had playing online (outside of custom games with my friends). The variety introduced by Bungie with the new game types, maps, and armor abilities gave me a fighting chance I have never had in matchmaking before.

I could go into further detail about the gaming experiences I had with Reach, but with every single gaming news outlet throwing in their 2 cents, my monetary worth feels devalued. I will keep it brief, I loved Halo: Reach. I feel as if I was given the online gaming experience that my skill has always kept me from. I truly enjoyed myself during matches instead of slogging through trying desperately not to come in very last, again.

I know that the experience will change somewhat when Halo: Reach releases this fall. I just hope that with a greater audience participating my new found joy won't be quashed by more snot nosed kids. Until then I will try to reacquaint myself with the Halo 3 controller scheme and dream of more Headhunter.