It Comes so Close.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Killzone 2 is very nearly perfect. I almost hate to say it . I wanted, no, part of me wanted to hate it as much as the first game. Yet I can't, because it's great. It's, as I said above, nearly perfect. There are just a few little details that keep it from being the best (yes, I said it) shooter I've ever played.

I don't have many issues with the game, but my biggest one is the lack of mute all option in multiplayer. As it stands I'm stuck trying to find the player being yelled at by his wife or blaring techno for two minutes between rounds. It sucks.

The controls still feel a little loose. It seems like there's a strange jump in the sensitivity of the analog sticks about halfway. Honestly, I'm probably just not used to the way the PS3 controller handles. I have the same aiming problems with Warhawk and Uncharted.

Finally, there's no co-op. I'm not the first to gripe about this, most of the reviewers out there picked up on this as their one issue. Honestly though, it looks like the game was built for co-op, you're almost always with a squad mate, and some sections of the game are so hard, they almost feel impossible ithout somone else to help you out.

Really, all this isn't much for a game whose previous installment I could only play for five hours before I traded it in. To go from that to what Killzone is now, is an incredible leap. I love what they've done with multiplayer, the experience system gives me something to work towards and the campaign is interesting. I couldn't have asked for much more except for those few things above.

Killzone 2 is almost the perfect shooter. It shouldn't have to be the best. That it's come so close should be enough. If you have a PS3, go buy it. If you don't have one, find a friend who does and grab an hour or two. You'll remember it, trust me.