I like multiplayer

Friday, November 28, 2008
Normally, our posts here at Somnambulant Gamer are a bit verbose, written with a greater truth in mind. We talk about games in the sense that each game can tell us something about both gaming and gamers. But for this post, I just wanted to say one thing.

I like multiplayer.

Let me say that again: I like multiplayer.

I'm saying it to convince myself as much as anyone else. See, I've always been a big single-player gamer. Even back in the day, a buddy playing Luigi wasn't always my cup of...whatever the hell it is that they drink in the Mushroom Kingdom.

In any case, it's a revelation that, while brewing for some time now, only really struck me today. Not only do I like multiplayer, but it is one of the main features I weigh when deciding on a purchase. No multiplayer? No way am I paying $60. That's it.

I did, would have and will make special exceptions--I am such a Metal Gear whore that I would have purchased MGS4 and MG: Online separately, (if not grudgingly). I will buy Final Fantasy XIII. I will buy White Knight story (if it's as good as it looks) and the next game from Team ICO. Now that I'm making a list, there are quite a few exceptions. The point is this: If your game can have multiplayer, it probably should. In fact, multiplayer should have been taken to the next level by now. Games that are simultaneously multiplayer-centric and story-driven that aren't RPG's--i.e., not WoW--should be taking the main stage...I can think of a perfect candidate:

Bushido Blade 3, anyone?

All right, I lied. I didn't just want to say one thing. But! Bushido Blade 3!!! Make it happen, SquareEnix.