PAX Recap and other things

Monday, September 1, 2008
PAX 2008 is over. Another Omegathon has drawn to a close, the final Rick Roll has been dealt, and the exhibition hall has been rolled up. My contingent returned late last night, and it's taken this long for us to sift through the massive amounts of information we gleaned from this years expo. There is so much information in fact, you won't get it all today.

The way this site is run will be changing. You will see major posts on Mondays and Fridays with smaller posts written throughout the week as news breaks or as we are inspired. The weekends will be the same for now, though we want to do something different on those days. Something exhilarating. More on that later.

What I will give you here are a few tidbits on what I'll be discussing briefly throughout the week. There were so many games at PAX this year that to talk about them all at once would be better suited to a paperback book than a single post. This is what you can expect to see as the week wears on.

Tuesday: Dead Space, Left 4 Dead
Wednesday: Fallout 3
Thursday: Far Cry 2, Prince of Persia
Friday: Resistance 2, Resistance: Retribution

Now that's done with, I'd like to say a few words about what really amazes me. Beyond the comedic antics, the cosplay, the untold numbers of geeks and nerds in one place, the concerts, even the games on display, the camaraderie and kindness shown by everyone at PAX is just incredible. By the second day, everyone is tired, undernourished and given to sudden headaches. Most crowds would be irate, but PAX attendees remain ever courteous, careful and decent. If any of you are reading this right now, thanks.

PAX is a wonderful experience. I have vowed never to miss an Expo if at all possible. I wish I were better able to express my thanks to all of the developers and attendees that answered my questions and took the time to listen to my prattling. You've made a young blogger very very happy.